About Us

A refreshing new approach informed by decades of civil engineering and cable installation experience…

RRR Cable Management is a highly-experienced cabling and civil engineering supply chain contractor boasting unrivalled expertise and competency in civil excavation, earthworks, temporary and permanent roads infrastructure and cable installation.

Working from our base at Kent, England, we operate UK-wide with core competencies in Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Temporary Infrastructure, Flood Defence, HV Cable Installation, Heavy Plant, Earthworks & Road Construction and Utilities.

With a founding team that previously headed-up one of the UK’s most recognized civil engineering construction companies – backed-up by decades of contracting experience.

RRR Cable Management offers a refreshing and truly collaborative and integrated business experience with guaranteed outcomes that is already seeing us become our customers’ preferred supply chain contractor for specialist civil engineering construction services.

Our state-of-the-art Plant & Equipment offering includes:

  • Offices & Workshops located in South of England
  • 360 Tracked Excavators (14 to 50 tonne)
  • Articulated Dump Trucks (14 to 30 tonne)
  • Dozers, Loading Shovels & Rollers
  • 32 tonne/ 8 Wheel Tipper Lorries & 150 tonne Low Loaders
  • Bitelli Pavers
  • Crushing & Screening plant
  • Refuelling facilities & Site Support 150 to 300 bhp tractors & trailers
  • Climate Ancillary Site Support: snow clearing & gritting for winter maintenance; dust suppression equipment for summer working conditions

People & Values

Building the experience together…

At RRR Cable Management we take as much care selecting members of our team as we do choosing business partners and subcontractors. Decades of combined experience in civil engineering contracting has taught us the value of working with the right people and the benefits of treating everyone as an equal.

That’s why we don’t believe in hierarchies. At RRR Cable Management we believe that everyone – from plant operator to director – has an equal role to play and, if treated equitably, will always perform to the best of their abilities and take pride in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


We strive for everyone in the RRR team to:

  • Feel part of something
  • Be proud to be associated with the company
  • Enjoy the experience together
  • Create something memorable, a legacy
  • Enjoy a mature, communicative working environment
  • Take safety personally & ensure the whole team gets back to their loved ones unharmed
  • Take individual responsibility & accountability
  • Value people equally
  • Revolutionise our service delivery
  • Continually improvement through personal & team development
  • Share in success and receive recognition as individuals, teams & businesses
  • Share ideas, knowledge and innovation

RRR Cable Management truly believes in ‘building the experience together’ – engaging and collaborating with our own people, customers and partners & subcontractors. Our long-term objective is to be our customers’ preferred supply chain contractor for specialist civil engineering construction services.


Driving a strategic relationship for the benefit of all…

Whether it be Transport Consultants, Health & Safety Advisors, Engineering Services, HR Support or Insurance Services, RRR Cable Management always works with leaders in their field and seeks to co-create a successful, profitable business collaboration for customers, business partners and our own people.

We believe in creating business synergies with all key stakeholders – RRR people / Customers / Business Partners – working together to deliver a fully-integrated collaborative business solution.

Where possibly we work exclusively with carefully chosen partners – taking as much care choosing suppliers and consultants as we do permanent staff – and ask them to grow with us, forming strategic relationships that evolve and benefit all.